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Here it is! I've had so much fun putting this together - I've scoured the internet and tried to focus on Independents as far as possible, to showcase a selection of joyful and treasured gifts for Crafters. I these are all just items I think are brilliant, and will certainly be popping a few in my basket for crafty friends to enjoy!

1/ Cricut Joy - Until 29 Nov - £109.99 but only £98.99 with Cricut Access discount!

I can't not include this! If you know me, you'll know Cricut has changed my life. I honestly think a Cricut machine is the most fabulous gift for almost anyone, creative or not! The Black Friday deals are ridiculous this year, making the Joy even more 'gift-able' than usual. My 12 year old daughter has one and loves it as much as I do. Here's a link to my overview of Cricut machines if you're interested.

If you purchase from John Lewis, you'll receive my Intro workshop (worth £35) for free!

NB: If you purchase from the Cricut link here, I may receive commission. I can promise you that hasn't influenced my decision to include it though!

2/ Sheepers Slip Kit - £27 (Includes 10% off using code slipkit10)

I've had a pair of Sheepers slippers for years and many friends have received them from me as gifts. IMO they're the best slippers out there - so comfy and toasty! Imagine my joy when I heard they were releasing kits to make your own! I'd say this is the perfect gift for anyone reasonably competent in sewing. Perhaps not ideal for younger ones as the step where you sew the top to the sole can be a little fiddly. The kits come with a super-fluffy cuff, but I trimmed mine to make it less crazy! That was very easy, so don't let that bit put you off. There's no plastic in the packaging, so it's a good eco choice too.

I really like the range of kits from this company. They're innovative and lots of fun! It would be cute to make these soaps and give them as gifts, so the kit could be a double-whammy! I've not made these, but they look well put-together and I think anyone crafty would enjoy trying their hand if they'd not made soap before. There aren't any nasties in the ingredients.

4/ Jesmonite Kit from Resin8 -£34.95 + Sign up to their newsletter for 10% off

I've been wanting to play with Jesmonite for a while, just because it looked interesting and not too tricky! These kits are brilliant for beginners - anyone wanting to dabble in a new craft. And the finished results are amazing - so satisfying! Everything is very eco, and the packaging is cute. No plastic here. A lovely gift for anyone creative wanting to try something new.

How fun are these! A sewing kit in the form of a tea-towel, which could even just be framed as art! Easy to sew by hand or machine, these are great for beginners or just anyone with a penchant for Pat Butcher! I love them - different, funny and crafty!

I mean, these would make a wonderful gift for ANYONE! I couldn't resist! I'm a fan of writing things down in notebooks, so a set of these beautiful personalised pencils is right up my street. You could choose phrases that make you laugh or have special meaning to you. Love these. I'll be purchasing more for a few stationery-loving friends this year.

7/ Embroidery Kit from The Make Arcade - From £7.50 (The car kit is £13)

This is a brilliant 'pick up and put down' craft kit. Great to take out and about, or start on Christmas Day afternoon whilst Queenie's on the box! I've started the Car Kit and it's great - easy to follow, plenty of materials and a cute design. There are loads in the range, so something for everyone. I'd recommend this for adults and children who enjoy craft.

I made these last week and I LOVED them! It's not for beginners: You need to have a basic knowledge of knitting. I'd never knitted socks before and love pushing myself with new skills - this was perfect. There are videos on the Wool Couture page if you get stuck, which look good. And I made 1x sock in about 5 sittings, so they didn't take too long. Extremely satisfying!

SUCH a great gift for Makers! This UK business originally created their hand cream for seamstresses to care for their pinpricked hands without leaving any greasy marks on fabric - how great is that! The packaging is lovely - feels like a great gift. And the product is very high quality.

10/ Makers Workbook - £14.99

This would make a super gift for sewing lovers. The book is split into sections: Design/Plan/Reference, so you can make notes before during and after your sewing projects. Such a useful tool, but also just really interesting to document each project! I've not tried it out, but these are my thoughts from researching it online.

What a total cutie! I've not made this exact kit, but we've purchased kits from this lovely brand before and adored them. The designs are beautiful and the kits are easy to follow. My 11 year old daughter has really enjoyed these in the past. And they're a great price-point.

I just thought this was a really cute stocking-filler for anyone who enjoys sewing or embroidery. Such a nifty product, cute design and a great price!

I really hope you enjoy these products and get some ideas for yourself or your crafty friends and family!

Best love and Happy Christmas!

Kate x

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