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We've had no comfy seating in our garden since we moved in (5 yrs ago). I'd never minded before but spending so much time at home now, I needed a lounge area! Problem: None of the designs I liked online had any stock available for weeks, months maybe.

So let's make a pallet sofa! I noticed a local office had pallets in their car park. I popped in to ask and remarkably they delivered them to my home that very afternoon - all free of charge. Result!

I worked out my configuration. The standard pallet size is roughly 120cm x 80cm x 13cm.

As long as you have deep cushions, you'll be fine with 2x stacked pallets high. I wanted mine to feel quite lounge-y too, so that was fine for me.

I wanted to be able to fit 6 people on if possible, so this felt like the best use of pallets: 6 x standard (120 x 80cm) and 2 x extra-long (220 x 80cm) for the backs.

I chose the most robust pallets possible, and avoided those with chipboard struts.

Ok, let's get busy!

1. Power-Wash the patio and pallets to remove any dirt and debris.

2. Sand. I used a mouse-sander to sand the pallets. Ensure areas at the front where legs will be are well sanded. Also sand the seats and seat backs well to avoid catching on cushions. I also curved off any sharp corners and edges.

3. Paint. I applied 2 coats of Cuprinol in Urban Slate. It went on well, but this was probably the most time-consuming step. I didn't bother reaching right into the areas that aren't on show, but I like results fast!

4. Secure. This is an important step! I drilled holes in the seat backs where the wood butted up against the seats, then screwed them together with long screws. I also used 4x angle brackets at the front. I used jointing plates to fix the seats to each other.

5. Add cushions. I spent HOURS trawling through options here. Costing up diy sewing methods, using cot mattresses as cushions. I mean, if it was an option, I looked at it! I feel pretty confident I found the best option for the cheapest price: Ready-made cushions from Kosi-Products. Let me tell you why!

- Great quality; firm and deep foam which is really comfortable. A bit like memory foam.

- Fast delivery; mine arrived 3 days after ordering and were packaged well.

- Shower-proof; I try to bring them in on rainy days and nights, but if I forget it's not the end of the world. Also means you can wipe them down easily in case of spillages.

- Choice of colours.

- Great price

I can't recommend them enough, I'm really pleased. I've had them 3 months now and they're holding up great.

I chose grey so I can update with new accessories each year in case I'd like a change!

6. Accessorise!

I chose yellow & mono as my colour scheme.

The pallet cushions aren't soft or textured, so it's important to add that with accessories for a bit of comfort.

I made a couple of cushions with some really lovely fabric from John Lewis.

A couple more cushions from Dunelm to add colour and texture.

Then 2 x throws to wrap up warm and add more comfort (Dunelm & Home Bargains).

The rug took a while to decide upon! I'm pleased though - I love how much an outdoor rug can transform outside space in a flash.

These were the final 3 I narrowed it down to. Then plumped for the first, from La Redoute. The quality is great and it was a good size/price.

I've also since added some fairy lights, a parasol and some planting. I'll build up the planting more over time. I'm going for palms, for a tropical holiday feel!

That's it! If I've missed anything out or you have any questions, please just ask.

I've had so much interest in this project, so will list out all the resources for you in case you'd like to make your own. Please let me know if you do - I'd love to see!

Here's a list of what I used, with costs:

Pallets: 6 x standard (120cm x 80cm)+ 2 x extra long (200cm x 80cm) = FREE

1m woven fabric for cushions = Gifted (John Lewis)

Outdoor rug = £56 (La Redoute)

Herringbone Throw = £12 (Dunelm)

Throw = £16.99 (Home Bargains)

Fairy Lights = £9.99 (Ebay)

Angle Plates = £2.02

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