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I loved making this wreath for my home using pampas grass! I originally made it at Christmas, but it's still up and I have no intention of taking it down any time soon.

Pampas grass is so popular at the moment. You may be lucky enough to have some in your garden, or a friendly neighbour who doesn't mind losing a few stems. If not, I can highly recommend By Bonhomie as a brilliant supplier. Such great quality and customer service.

If you cut fresh pampas stems yourself, you will need to hang them upside down indoors to dry, for a couple of weeks.

The wreath isn't too tricky to make; I'd allow a couple of hours. Just bear in mind it can get a bit messy with all the pampas fluff, so you'll want to be somewhere that's easy to vacuum afterwards.


- 3 large stems of pampas grass (They must be large - plume length around 50cm)

- A 25cm wreath base. I used a willow base, but metal would also do fine.

- Florist wire (28 gauge)

- Scissors / Wire cutters

Happy making!

Kate xx

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