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Ooh we love a bit of tie-dye in this house...If we have a tie-dye session, nothing is safe! We've tie-dyed socks, pants, masks, bed linen, sweatshirts and t-shirts of course.

Tie Dye is a fantastic craft activity to do with children. They love seeing the designs appear when you remove the elastic bands, it's mesmerising! There are so many variations, but in this video we cover the main ones: Spiral, stripes and concentric circles.

For this project, you will need:

- Cotton fabric items to dye (they needn't be 100% cotton, but the larger the natural fibre content, the better the dye will work)

- Elastic bands

- Dye (I use Dylon sachets)

- Rubber gloves

- Apron

- Bowl of warm water

- Table salt

- Bowls or trays to hold your dyed fabric whilst it dries (I use clean, used food containers)

I'd love to see your creations! Just ask if you have any questions.

Happy making!

Kate xx

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