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Here are my latest genuine recommendations for sewing machines. The links include affiliates, so if you click on a link and purchase, it means I receive a small commission - although it won't cost you a penny more of course!

I'll start with 3 things I always look for in a machine, and why:

- Top-loading bobbin. Makes life much easier! Quicker to load, clean and monitor.

- 1-Step buttonhole. If you think you're going to sew buttonholes at all, this is a must-have.

- Ability to sew through multiple layers with ease. A must-have! You never know what you're going to sew in the future, even if you're making simple projects to begin with.

My fave beginner machine! It has all the above plus: - Extra large sewing table - More stitches than you will ever need

All my fave features plus: - Adjustable sewing speed (Great if you want to take it slow!) - Needle up/down: This is a handy function which you learn to love - Light and portable

This is very much like the machine above and has all the same wonderful features PLUS a handful more. Again, I think it's an amazing price for this level of machine. So easy to use, but does so much!

As new machines come along, or if there are any special offers, I'll update this accordingly. And if you have any questions at all, please just ask :)

Happy sewing!

Kate xx

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