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Ok, not all houseplants...but some! I use this method for Pothos / Devil's Ivy, and it's similar to Monstera to be honest. I'm no houseplant guru (It's Alice at Botanica Studio you need for that). But I am a plant lover, and absolutely love having lots of plants in my home. Pothos is one of my favourite plants - it seems to grow with ease, and quickly too! They like to be left to go quite dry in between waterings.

It's easy to spend a fortune on houseplants, so I was so happy to discover how easy it is to propagate them. I now have 6 large, healthy Monstera plants in my home - all grown from cuttings from one parent plant that I bought probably 3-4 years ago.


- A healthy, mature plant

- A jar of fresh water

- Clean scissors

On your Pothos (Devil's Ivy) plant, you'll notice tiny bumps along the stem; these are called nodes, and they're where the new roots will grow from. Take a few cuttings (I usually take around 3 at a time) from your plant, making sure you include at least 3 nodes on each cutting.

Pop the cuttings into a jar of fresh water and leave for a few weeks in a bright spot, but not in direct sunlight. You should refresh the water every few days and keep it topped up.

After a while, you should notice roots growing from the little nodes. This is great! The plant can survive for a good while in the water, so I usually leave them in there until the roots are well established.

When you have healthy roots, you can pot the new plants using houseplant compost, give them a good water and let them settle into their new homes! I usually pot 3 plants together in one pot to give the new plant a plenty of body.

Happy growing :)

Kate xx

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